Conferences and Seminars

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I sometimes joke that my Area of Specialization is “Conference Organization.” This page lists or describes as many of the conferences and seminars I’ve organized as is feasible, along with some photos of as many events as I have photos of.

(1) Felician Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs: Since 2009, I’ve directed (or co-directed, with Joseph Biehl, now director of the Gotham Philosophical Society) the Felician Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs at Felician University, where I’ve directed or co-directed the Institute’s annual “conference,” usually held in the spring, and its “symposium,” usually held in the fall. The conference (held at Felician since 2007) is an all-day event on ethics and political philosophy, usually featuring about 20 papers and a mid-afternoon plenary. The symposium (held since 2012) is either an afternoon-long Author-Meets-Critics session, or an interdisciplinary panel discussion of equal length on some matter of topical concern.

Here’s a link to the nine ethics conferences I’ve organized (or-co-organized) for the Institute since 2009, all but one in the spring.

Here’s a link to the six symposia I’ve organized–or am currently organizing–for the Institute since 2012, all but one in the fall.

(2) Felician Committee on Leadership and Social Justice, Pre-Law Program, and Related Events: Since 2008, I’ve functioned as Felician University’s Pre-Law Advisor, and between 2014-2017, as Chair of its Committee on Leadership and Social Justice. That’s given me the opportunity to invite a series of speakers to campus on issues related to law and law enforcement. I document some of that here, including the four-event series I organized during the 2016-17 academic year, “Race and Criminal Justice in America.”

Here’s a link to material on the “Race and Criminal Justice in America” series that ran at Felician’s Rutherford campus in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Here’s a link to assorted law-oriented events associated with Felician’s Pre-Law and related programs.

(3) Informal Seminars: For reasons that are best described as pathological, I’ve often found myself organizing informal philosophy seminars “for fun,” in addition to the ones I organize for Felician. This somewhat morbid attraction to informal, small-scale seminars probably arose in part from nostalgic memories of grad school seminars, but also from participation in the (academic side of) the Objectivist and libertarian movements in the 1990s–e.g., the Summer Seminars in Philosophy put on by David Kelley’s Institute for Objectivist Studies, the similar seminars put on by the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University, and the more intense, high-end seminars put on by Liberty Fund.

Though I no longer consider myself an Objectivist (and never considered myself a libertarian), I still end up organizing (or co-organizing) seminars on Objectivist-related topics, if only because of the insistent demand for them in some quarters, and also because Objectivism continues to exercise an unhealthy influence on me that I’d apparently like to exorcise through repetition-compulsion.

Here’s a link to the series of Objectivist-related seminars I’ve done since 2013.

Here’s a link to the informal Author-Meets-Critics session David Kaspar and I did on his book Intuitionism in the summer of 2014.

Last revised: November 6, 2017

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