Policy of Truth Research Workshops

This page is designed to house information on (and photos of) what I’ve decided to call the Policy of Truth Research Workshop, retrospectively encompassing the various workshops that Carrie-Ann Biondi and I (and others) have done under different names and auspices since September 2013. Reference to these events is now scattered on various websites here and there, but I’ve decided to collect them all and put them here. They’re listed in reverse chronological order below. A workshop on moral psychology, originally scheduled for September 19, 2015, has been cancelled.

I also (separately) coordinate the Current Research Workshops sponsored by the Felician Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs. That’s a more formal institution, sponsored by the Philosophy Department at Felician College.

August 2015: Author-Meets-Critics: Fred Seddon’s Ayn Rand, Objectivists, and the History of Philosophy (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)
In August 2015, Fred Seddon (Philosophy, Penn State, Altoona), Glenn Fletcher (Physics, Cornell), and I did a little seminar in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania on Fred’s 2003 book, Ayn Rand, Objectivists, and the History of Philosophy. Among the topics covered: Rand’s “literalist” approach to philosophical texts; Jacob Klein’s approach to the Platonic dialogues; Plato on eros and eidos; Hume on causality and on capitalism; Kant’s ethics and Rand’s critique of it; and Rand’s definition of “art.” A great time was had by all (three of us), and there was some discussion about the idea of making the seminar an annual event.

June 2014: Author-Meets-Critics: David Kaspar’s Intuitionism (Staten Island, New York)
In June 2014, David Kaspar and I organized an informal event at the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island, NY on Kaspar’s book Intuitionism, under the auspices of an organization that Carrie-Ann and I then called the Metro-Area Research Workshop. The proceedings of that seminar will be published in the fall 2015 issue of Reason Paperswith contributions by Moti Mizrahi (Philosophy, St. John’s University), Matthew Pianalto (Philosophy Eastern Kentucky University), and myself, and a response by David Kaspar (Philosophy, St. John’s).

September 2013: The Epistemology of Concepts (Glen Ridge, New Jersey)
In September 2013, Carrie-Ann and I organized an informal seminar in Glen Ridge, New Jersey on the epistemology of concepts, under the auspices of an organization we called the Institute for Objectivist Studies. While the seminar itself was a success, the organization folded soon thereafter. Here’s a photo of the seminar.

Last revised, August 26, 2015

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