This page will (eventually) contain links to some of the interesting correspondence I’ve had over the years with some famous (or infamous) people and institutions. There’s some correspondence with shady-but-obscure people and institutions, as well. I’ve included some excerpts of exchanges buried in the comboxes of blog posts on which I’ve commented over the years, and a few items that don’t quite count as correspondence at all.

Correspondence regarding the Objectivist movement

  • Correspondence with Leonard Peikoff, Yaron Brook, John McCaskey, and Debi Ghate re the Anthem Foundation
  • Correspondence with Leonard Peikoff re the moral status of libertarianism
  • Correspondence with Harry Binswanger re sanction and libertarianism
  • Combox exchange with John McCaskey re the moral status of libertarianism and his support for ARI
  • Combox comments re John Allison’s becoming President and CEO of the Cato Institute
  • Exchange with Matt Zwolinski on the Ayn Rand Society
  • Combox comments re The Atlas Society’s engagement with David Harriman, with a response to David Kelley
  • Remembering Allan Gotthelf (b.1942-d.2013)
  • Report from the 2013 Atlas Society Graduate Seminar

Correspondence with individual journalists re varia

  • Correspondence with Slate (Juliet Lapidos) re Johann Hari’s article on Ayn Rand on government
  • Correspondence with Kay Hymowitz re her characterizations of Rand on “the family”
  • Correspondence with Sarah Chayes re my review of The Punishment of Virtue
  • Correspondence with the Public Editor of The New York Times regarding Richard Perez-Pena’s misreporting of the Elizabeth Snyder case at the County College of Morris
  • Combox comments on the Snyder/CCM case
  • Correspondence with Christopher Hitchens (I’ll reprint some of this pending permission from Hitchens’s wife)
  • Combox exchange with Sean Wilentz, Richard Wolin, and Todd Gitlin re Hitchens on 9/11

Correspondence (and some attempted correspondence) with philosophers re varia

  • Sadek al Azm on Edward Said (pending permission from al Azm)
  • Jason Brennan on drones
  • Jason Brennan on what Stephen Hicks reportedly said at APEE (with bonus correspondence with Lauren Landsburg of EconLog)
  • Loren Lomasky on taxation
  • Roderick Long on self-ownership
  • Kevin Vallier on Michael Walzer
  • Kevin Vallier on liberal perfectionism
  • Kevin Vallier on Christopher Hitchens
  • Bas Van der Vossen on Obama’s “corruption”
  • Bas Van der Vossen on drug legalization
  • Kit Wellman on the Israeli law of Return

Correspondence with politicians

  • Correspondence re “park curfews” with Steven Rogers, Republican candidate for Essex County Executive

Letters to editors

  • New York Times, “Mirror Images of Hate”
  • New York Times, smoking
  • New York Times, housing
  • New York Times, concert times
  • Commentary, response to Midge Decter
  • Commentary, on Islam
  • Chronicle of Higher Education, response to Eric Hobsbawm
  • Chronicle of Higher Education, on Islamic law

2 thoughts on “Correspondence

    • Hi there–

      I haven’t gotten the chance to put the links in for this correspondence; I’d been meaning to since I put this stuff up a year ago, but have just been too busy. It’s on my to-do list for the summer, but I won’t get to it until I get home in August.

      I haven’t met the settlers yet; I meet one group this week, and we’re still trying to schedule the other meeting. I’ll be going to Hebron fairly soon, but I’m not sure what kind of access I’ll have to settlers there. Hoping to report on that soon after I do it.


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