This is a laundry list-in-progress of the sites I find interesting.

My projects

Academic journals I find interesting

Academic organizations/blogs I pay attention to

Journalism I (try to) read, listen to, or watch

Social/Political Organizations I support

Arts/Culture I enjoy

People whose work/writing/websites/blogs interest me


The links above are there simply because I find them interestingThe presence of a site on the list above shouldn’t necessarily be taken to imply approval of the site or the people behind it, and the absence of a site doesn’t necessarily imply disapproval. I sometimes rotate links in and out, more or less on whim.

The links under “Social/Political Organizations I Support” are an exception to the preceding rule: I do support the organizations I say I support, but the support I have in mind is complicated. I don’t fully support the agenda of any of the organizations I list. In some cases, I strongly reject a lot of what a given organization does. However, I found it impossible (or counter-productive) to restrict the list only to those organizations whose work crossed some threshold of ideological acceptability measured either by a qualitative marker (“I support most of what they do”) or some pseudo-quantitative one (“I support 85% of what they do”). Apart from the artificiality of such claims, this approach restricted the list to organizations whose agenda I “mostly” accepted, but whose work was often somewhat narrow and left other important work unmentioned and undone. So in some cases I’ve listed groups whose work I support on one issue, while rejecting it on many others, simply because the group is doing important work that would otherwise go undone.

The ethics of approval and support is an interesting one that deserves more attention than I’ve been able to give it here. But that’s enough for now.

Irfan Khawaja

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