Policy of Truth on Facebook

In a belated attempt to join the twenty-first century, I’ve created a Policy of Truth Facebook page. This will allow me to promote PoT on Facebook, presumably winning it a wider audience, and potentially sparing my Facebook friends my constant harping on philosophical and political topics that alienate and bore them, when what they’re really interested in is gossip, chit-chat, and the latest photos of me being attacked by my housemate’s rooster. The resulting division of labor will doubtless intensify the alienation and boredom of PoT readers, while carving out a dedicated, private space for consumers of rooster-attack porn.

Here’s the link:


User name: @PolTrue.

3 thoughts on “Policy of Truth on Facebook

    • Ironically, I’ve decided to end my presence on Facebook, at least as an individual. I’m not going to de-activate my account, but I’ve pinned a post informing my FB friends that I no longer intend to use it. I will update the Policy of Truth Facebook page in the limited sense of sharing PoT posts to it, and promoting it in various groups, like the Public Philosophy Network (at least once I’m permitted to participate in groups again, which will not be for another 22 hours). But I’m not going to spend much time there. I’ve kind of had it with Facebook. I’m going to salvage the material I care about, maybe migrate some of it here, and call it a day with them.

      I’m still on Instagram under irfanakhawaja873, but rarely post there, and usually post on personal matters, not philosophy or politics. I have a tiny following on Instagram, and intend to keep it small.



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