“It’s What We Do”: Film Screening and Pot Luck Dinner

Jewish Voice for Peace of Northern N.J.
& the Palestinian American Community Center
invite you to

“It’s What We Do”
Film screening and pot-luck supper
Friday, March 1st, 6:30 p.m.
Palestinian American Community Center
388 Lakeview Ave.
Clifton, New Jersey 07011

“It’s What We Do” was born [when] former IDF soldier Avner Gvaryahu… was speaking about the [Israeli] organization Breaking the Silence and its new book, Our Harsh Logic. … I was inspired by his courage in speaking out about the realities of the Israeli occupation… The play is drawn directly from the testimonies: the soldiers’ reflections are verbatim; the enacted stories are ones they tell…[T]hree composite soldiers represent varying responses to the harsh occupation policies they enforce: moral indignation, power highs, inner conflict…. [T]hey are interviewed by The Voice in the audience, who encourages them to confront what they have done. [Recounting] their stories, they face their roles as perpetrators of injustice. We in the audience are challenged just as they are: What are we doing with our awareness of this injustice?

Pamela Nice, writer, and director. (53 minutes)

Snow Date March 8 • bring food to share (homemade or purchased)
To limit trash, please consider bringing a travel mug & utensils.

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