11 thoughts on “Update: Crime and Punishment at Alobar 1000

  1. Hi Mr. Irfan,
    I work here at the above mentioned hostel where you have allegedly claimed that we have charged $550 on the credit card of Mr. Matt Faherty. First of all, please check your facts straight before you print anything. It is not $550, it is 550 Nepali Rupees (equivalent of $5.50). Secondly, we charged his credit card for the booking he did not show up on the 14th of March and not for the so-called damages. This is just our policy. I am sure you Americans are well aware of policies in your country. So, before you go and ruin the world make sure you have the facts straight and then act accordingly.
    Btw, we are sorry about Matt’s experience here at our hostel. We are very proud of our establishment and the services we provide but we don’t guarantee that you will have the best of times here. We do our best and it may not meet your demands. If you have travelled extensively in south Asia you must know that incidents like this happen.
    We are just sorry that it happened here at our hostel.
    Anger and hatred is not going to solve the problems.
    Please let your leaders and countrymen know this.


    • Just a bit of a reality check: What I did was quote Matt and then crack a joke about his report. If you click the link of the post, you’ll see that it was Matt who was making the claim about the $550, not me. I’ll alert him to your version of the story. Meanwhile, I’d suggest that you learn how to read before making sanctimonious requests about fact checking. While you’re at it, you may want to acquire a sense of humor.

      I don’t quite see how anyone has “ruined the world” here, but if you think the world has been ruined by anything that I’ve printed on this blog, I’d be semi-interested to know how you’ve reached that conclusion. I guess part of my interest is inspired by curiosity about how an adult could bring himself to make such a ridiculous claim, and partly by my doubt that you are an adult. If you’re not, you should probably try to reach adulthood before you run a commercial establishment and/or shoot your mouth off about it.

      You may be very proud of your establishment, but from Matt’s description, I think that belief could use some revision. Certainly your chicken noodle soup leaves something to be desired. Granted, hatred doesn’t solve problems, but if you read very carefully, you will discover that no one has expressed any. As for anger, you may well find some of that expressed. However, anger is a legitimate response to a grievance. One problem it solves is that it lets the source of a problem know that they have a problem that needs resolution. Just in case you were wondering, your service was the source of the problem. Now you know.

      As per your request, I am forwarding this entire communication to the President of the United States, the United States Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and my local town council. At long last, America will learn the truth: what happened at Alobar 1000 was an inside job.


    •  Tashi,


       I do not know what position you hold at the Alobar1000, but if for some reason you do not have access to this information, I will confirm it for you here. The Alobar1000 charged my credit card for $550 dollars. Considering that the nightly charge for staying at the Alobar is about $6.50, I have no idea why the hostel would ever need to charge anyone that much money, unless they were staying there for more than three months. Either way, I only booked two days, and stayed for one.

       If I am mistaken, then Capital One, one of the largest credit card companies in America, is also mistaken. It was through Capital One that a relative of mine was made aware of the $550 charge. It was also through Capital One that she disputed the charge. And it was Capital One who called her back to tell her her that the Alobar1000 claimed its $550 charge on my credit card was a random mistake.

       There are only two semi-plausible explanations for the $550 charge:

       First, the Alobar1000, a hostel which charges $6.50 per night, needed to charge someone for 80 something nights, and for some reason charged my credit card, even though I stayed there weeks ago and only used my credit card to pay a 10% deposit fee on a two night stay.

       Second, when the Alobar1000 poisoned me and caused me to throw up, I actually did damage the sheets, blanket, and mattress. The hostel wanted me to pay for the damage, but the owners or whomever knew they had no real case against me to make me pay. But they did have my credit card info. So they figured, “why not just charge his credit card and hopefully he won’t notice. After all, he’s an American, and they are super rich. Even if he does notice, we will just say it was a mistake and take it back. There is no real risk on our end.”

       Not to get too conspiratorial here, but I’m going to say the second option is more likely.

       Incidentally, there is ALSO a mistaken $5 charge on my credit card which I believe still needs to be fixed.

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      • I would also like to thank you for posting on this website, thereby acknowledging that the Alobar1000 is fully aware of my account of my stay there. You have erroneously disputed one of my claims, but apparently have no problem with the rest of my account. You acknowledge the overwhelming circumstantial evidence indicating that the Alobar1000 gave me food poisoning. You acknowledge that the staff refused to take responsibility despite this evidence. You acknowledge that the staff refused to help me clean up my vomit created by their incompetence. You acknowledge that the staff threatened to charge me for damaging hostel property despite said damages being caused by the staff’s incompetence. And you acknowledge that the hostel refused to accept my extremely generous compensation terms (by the way, I am now pushing for a full refund through Hostelworld.com).

         In the hostel’s defense, you offer a single argument. I should lower my standards. Apparently my currently held standards of not being poisoned by a hostel’s food and of being lied to and mistreated by its staff are too high. I should lower my standards despite the fact that out of all of the hostels I stayed at in China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and the rest of Nepal, I never had anywhere near as bad of an experience as I had at the Alobar1000.

         Speaking of standards, do you know what the Alobar1000’s number one priority is according to its description at Hostelworld.com? It is “cleanliness.”

         All I can say is “well done.” That, and even if Hostelworld.com doesn’t grant me a refund, I hope my $13 is the most expensive payment the Alobar1000 ever receives,.

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      • Matt,

        I noticed that you haven’t yet traveled to Pakistan. So the real test will be whether Alobar 1000 measures up to the standards of a Pakistani hostel.

        By the way, I’ve charged your credit $1,000 for the two comments you’ve posted. I forgot to mention that there is a $500/comment charge for posting at PoT.

        PS. I know it’s your birthday on Monday, so happy birthday. Clearly, your South Asian trip has been your rite de passage to manhood. But who knew that the passage to manhood was so thoroughly flecked with vomit?


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  4. Irfan,

    The $500 comment charge is not a good enough analogy. It would be better if maybe, your website gave me a seizure, which caused me to fall on my keyboard and accidentally type some giberish, and then you charged me $500 for polluting your blog with an inarticulate comment.


  5. You got sick in Nepal, wow, cool story bro, just one thing, to eat something at 7pm and start feeling sick at 8pm doesn’t sound right to me, it takes a while for food poisoning to kick in so I think it was either something you ate or drank earlier or maybe you didn’t wash your hands at some point earlier on in the day. Atleast everything I have learnt studying Microbiology at uni suggests this scenario.


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